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Red Sox Can Steal Home But Not Planning To Save Hometown Paper

imageSunday night Jacoby Ellsbury pulled off a stunning move: he stole home, setting off a rally that gave the Boston Red Sox a win at home. But the team issued a statement today that was more like a third strike on the third out with bases loaded, dashing hopes of a similar rally for the Boston Globe

4 Responses to “Red Sox Can Steal Home But Not Planning To Save Hometown Paper”

  1. Philip Alber

    I delivered the Post as a child and have many fond memories of my youth in Massachusetts.

    I enjoy the Post's coverage of Boston sports but must agree that it is "way out in left field" when it comes to politics (but then what east coast big city newspaper isn't?). The New York Times is the problem both for the "yellow journalism" and the pressure on unions. I would miss the Post if it goes under, I would not miss the New York Times.

  2. Globe is a horse with blinders on which cannot find the road and keeps veering into the ditch helping elect people who are destroying this nation such as Barney Frank, Edward Kennedy, John Kerry, Deval Patrick. After Globe closes who will get rid of the named politicians who are destroying us?

  3. The Globe web page is night and day better than the herald,it will be to bad if they go under Why doesn't Pork Obama Bail out the Globe he's given our money to just about anyone that needs it probably to small potatoes he only likes to give away "billions"