Mobile Content Bits: Ringtone Sales; Cupcake Served; VZ Navigator Global; AT&T ToS; Kiss A Girl

Ringtone sales: The amount UK royalty collector PRS For Music paid out from ringtone sales to songwriters, composers and music publishers fell 11 percent in 2008, reflecting sliding sales of the mobile tunes. The payout fell from £6.4 million to £5.7 million. More detail at paidContent:UK.

Cupcake Update Arrives: The Cupcake update to the Android G1 has started being sent to phones on T-Mobile’s service in the UK and USA, according to Phandroid. The update will let people record and watch videos and upload them to YouTube as well as add an onscreen QWERTY keyboard.

VZ Navigator Goes Global: Verizon (NYSE: VZ) has launched a new maps service, VZ Navigator Global, for $19.99 a month plus data charges. It covers North America and Western Europe, including Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, and will initially be available on the BlackBerry Storm 9530. It can find restaurants, gas stations, banks/ATMs and other popular spots in these countries using Local Search. (release)

AT&T (NYSE: T) Bans Video To PC: Earlier this month AT&T added some words to its Terms of Service which prohibited streaming redirected video to the mobile phone, but quickly backed down claiming it was an error. AT&T has changed the ToS again, this time adding the words “redirecting television signals for viewing on Personal Computers” to its list of things that are prohibited reports DSLreports. I can see why AT&T would think that people watching video on a PC may watch a lot more than people watching video on a handset, but it already prohibits watching tethering phones to PCs as a modem unless that’s specifically part of the plan, and of course it has a data cap. AT&T said the language was pulled from an older version of its ToS, and had no comment on exactly what the language is intended to prevent.

Verizon Offers Kiss A Girl: Verizon has released the final song in its exclusive series promoting Storm handsets on its network. Keith Urban