Armstrong Shakes Up AOL; Coleman Out As President Of Platform-A; Google’s Levick To Replace Him


imageGreg Coleman’s tenure as president of AOL’s Platform-A (NYSE: TWX) lasted less than 100 days, part of a major shake-up as new Chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong takes firm control. AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher reports that the former *Yahoo* ad exec is gone along with CFO Nisha Kumar. Coleman’s replacement is Armstrong’s fellow *Google* sales alum Jeff Levick, Swisher added, citing unidentified sources. Levick’s most recent title at the search giant was VP, Industry Development & Marketing, The Americas.

Some said it wouldn’t last: Coleman’s ouster comes just three weeks after Armstrong replaced Randy Falco. Coleman was the third president of Platform-A in little more than a year. An e-mail to Coleman bounced back and calls to AOL representatives were not immediately returned. During an interview the day his hiring was announced, Armstrong told paidContent: “I



Can anyone be surprised that Coleman got fired? He is not a top player. Even Yahoo fired him and that is saying a lot.

Elliot Spitzer

HaaHaaahahahahahah!!!!! AOL, Platform A, no matter what you call it, still comes out the same: Douche Interactive. How dumb is Bewkes to have allowed Falco and Grant to sign Coleman for a three year no cut, play me or pay me deal, knowing he was going to blow them out and the replacement (Timmy) would want his own guy? Well, we can see this deal unfolding.

Step 1- Hire your buddy from the last place because you have no idea who else to hire, Check out Levick on LinkedIn. Yet, another attorney running ad sales at AOL!!! This is becoming the theater of the absurd! You'd have thought the Clarizio Esq. lesson would have been learned. This guy is the BEST guy Armstrong could have found to run ad sales? Fantastic choice, Mr. Armstrong! The myth of Google staffers being the most intelligent people in tech is now put to rest.

Step 2 – Meet with the AOL staff around the country and do a five minute "We are going to turn this place around speech" to a bunch of folks who know they are on another express elevator to hell. Then throw the meeting open to questions from the floor. "Ask me the tough questions!" to which you respond by not answering and instead asking them what they think about their question.

Step 3 – Watch the good people leave and promote the inexperienced and incompetent who stay around.

The Titanic has a new Captain & Executive Officer. Book your passage now.

Now we know for sure that Bewkes smokes crack! He's going three for three with Miller, Falco and now Armstrong.

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