Simplify Music 2.0 Still Streams Music; Adds Search, Playlists and Audio Scrubbing

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Although my toolset flips back-and-forth, I’m streaming far more music to my handset than I used to. Last summer I stumbled upon Simplify Media for this purpose, but lately I’ve opted to use ZumoDrive. Regardless of the solution, this approach gets around the smallish 8GB storage limit on my iPhone (s AAPL). ZumoDrive doesn’t require my computer to be on since all of the music files are stored in the cloud. However, Simplify Media is adding new features to their iPhone client that has me about to switch back for a while.

Simplify Music 2.0 costs $2.99 in the iTunes App Store and adds these new features for both the iPhone and iPod Touch:

  • Search: Users can now search for artist, album and title across all connected computers as though it’s one giant library
  • Favorites: Tag favorite music on the fly from personal libraries, or those of friends
  • Playlists: Create an on-the-fly playlist for later enjoyment right on your phone or Touch
  • Seek: Use the “scrub bar” to easily move forward or back in a streamed podcast or audio book

The software has always worked well for me: even on AT&T’s (s T) EDGE network. I like the artist biographies that Simplify offers as well, but that might be TMI for some of you. In any case, if you like what you see in the new release, I wouldn’t wait to purchase it. I hear that on May 14, the price is going up to $5.99: that $3 savings can add three more tunes to your collection.

1 Comment


By far and away the best App on my Iphone, with 200GB + of music, I can even share with other buddies at work. This is fantastic! Worth every penny in my opinion.

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