REDFLY Mobile Viewer Feedback Could Send You to Hawaii


laptopwphonenav251pixI’ve been a beta tester for many company’s products, but none of them ever offered me a trip to Hawaii. That’s exactly what Celio is doing with their REDFLY Mobile Viewer software: test it, provide feedback and you’ve got a chance to win two tickets to Hawaii. You’ll need to download the beta prior to June 1, and then complete an e-mail survey of the product for your chance to win.

The REDFLY Mobile Viewer software allows your Windows Mobile phone applications to run in a full-size screen on either a Windows XP or Windows Vista computer. It’s soft of the yin to the REDFLY hardware’s yang: that device displays your Microsoft (s MSFT) Windows Mobile environment on a 7- or 8-inch display and keyboard. (See our initial video review here) I’d jump in the contest myself, but I burn easy: a trip to Hawaii would have me redder than a REDFLY.

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