Reddit Launches Video Discovery Service

Popular user-curated news and ephemera site Reddit today launched Reddit.TV for browsing videos shared on its site.


The Reddit.TV interface is similar to StumbleVideo or Twitmatic, where you’re presented with one zeitgeisty video at a time. Videos are presented in categories like “geek” and “music,” accompanied by a comment from a Reddit user, a big “next video” button, and thumbnails of what’s next to come in the category. A Twitter button autopopulates a random and silly message promoting the video on that service.

Reddit, which is owned by Conde Nast, is offering sponsors the opportunity to promote their videos and products, with the TED conference the first (unpaid trial) example of a sponsored video channel.

Reddit previously had another NewTeeVee-related project, a TV show jointly produced with PBS called YourWeek that used stories from the site as inspiration. However, the show wasn’t picked up. Since then, four University of Northern Iowa students have started their own Reddit rundown online show called UpVote.TV.