Peewee PC Launches Today- Convertible Netbook for Kids

peeweepc-productshot08I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had to play with the Intel Classmate Convertible, and that was timely as the folks at Peewee PC today are launching their commercial version of this netbook.  The Peewee PC looks to be the same as the Intel version I evaluated, right down to the special software for kids. It is a full convertible netbook that can be used in either notebook or slate configurations and has special software on-board to handle any user scenario. The emphasis has been on making the Peewee PC as easy for kids to use as possible, and I can’t imagine anyone having trouble getting up and running with this, based on my experience with the system.

The PeeWee PC will run $599 and is available currently from the company’s web site. It is well-configured and is ruggedized to stand up to the rigors of usage by kids.


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