OutTwit Puts Twitter in Your Outlook Inbox


TechHit’s OutTwit, a free Twitter client for Microsoft Outlook (s msft), hit version 1.0 this morning. If you’re a heavy user of Outlook and like to have everything in one place then OutTwit might be worth a try.

OutTwit downloads tweets to an Outlook folder (make sure you follow TechHit’s advice to create a new folder and tell OutTwit to use it, otherwise you will end up with with a very messy inbox). It incorporates all of the standard Twitter client features, including grouping and URL shortening. Today’s release adds support for picture posting services such as Twitpic, Posterous and Twitgoo.outtwit

OutTwit works, but it feels clumsy compared to a dedicated Twitter client. I certainly won’t be switching from twhirl, as I’d rather keep my tweets separate from my email; I think they fulfill separate roles. However, some users might like keep everything in one location and be able to use Outlook to manage, archive and search tweets.

Similarly to Spreadtweet, which is a Twitter client that looks like an Excel app, OutTwit can disguise Twitter usage, so I imagine it might be popular in workplaces where Twitter might not be looked upon favorably.

Have you tried OutTwit? What did you think?


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