Netbook Graphics Get a Small Boost with GMABooster


One area that netbooks fall short in for many people is in the graphics arena. Many use the Intel 945GM/GME/GMS/GSE graphics which, according to the GMABooster folks, are underclocked and low-voltage versions of a faster core. They say that their free software can boost the graphics chip clock rate from a lowly 133- or 166MHz up to a faster 400MHz.

While I haven’t tried the software, Ben over at UMPC Portal has. He installed it and then ran some benchmark specs, which yielded 22 percent and 23 percent marks on two different devices. Is it a noticeable difference? That’s likely a personal observation where results will vary. There’s also the question of what this might do to battery life as well as heat output, so if you give your netbook a boost, you’ll want to be careful. This is one of those “proceed at your own risk” types of approaches.


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