Maemo 5: Do We Need Another Mobile Platform?


I don’t expect this to win me any friends in the Maemo world, but I think it’s a valid question. Believe me, I wish Nokia and the open-source community nothing but success with their mobile platform. This isn’t about me liking other operating systems or not liking Maemo. It’s about the mobile space in general and the fragmented platforms we have for handhelds like smartphones, mobile Internet devices and Nokia’s Internet Tablets. Do we need another platform?

I’m wondering if Nokia would be better served by porting Google’s Android operating system over to Maemo. Maybe, maybe not. I’m all for innovation, so it’s not like I want to see them stop work on Maemo; I’m just trying to peer into the future and see if Maemo still has a place. Since it’s geared specifically for Nokia’s Internet Tablets, maybe I should be looking ahead to see if they have a place in the future. I think they could, but possibly more so if they ran on a widespread platform.

Anyway, just a random thought that was spurred on by the news from Brighthand on the release of the Maemo 5 Beta SDK today. The good news is what’s inside this release:

  • OMAP3 support
  • HSPA data connectivity
  • High definition camera support
  • Hardware-based graphics acceleration
  • Support for desktop widgets
  • Modest e-mail client (shown above)

Add all that up and I’d expect to see a very capable next-generation Nokia Internet Tablet. Curious as to your thoughts as I know we have some Internet Tablet fans here.


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