LevelOne Mobile Router Shares 3G Data Connection


wbr-3800Sharing a 3G data connection with other people or devices is becoming all the rage these days. LevelOne is the newest entrant in this market, touting their MobilSpot Portable Wireless Hotspot as “mobility for on-the-go users.” All in all, the $149 router looks like it fits the bill: You plug in a USB or CardBus 3G modem, and the MobilSpot can share that connection over Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet. According to the PDF datasheet, it provides WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, and TKIP/AES wireless encryption and also supports VPN connections.

Sounds great, but there’s one key element that limits the mobile aspect to a degree. The device requires power through its AC adapter, so you’ll need to be near an outlet while being “on-the-go.” Hopefully, LevelOne considers this in future product designs and offers a battery-powered router that works for a few hours on a charge. If you’re looking for that kind of mobility, the upcoming Novatel MiFi might be a better bet. In fairness to the LevelOne product, it appears to be targeted as a backup or redundant data connection in case your network loses connectivity.



All the rage? Oh please! The only rage I expect to see is that of the owner of the 3G account when they open the bill and see how much they were billed for exceeding their 5 GB alotment. :)


buy a “Universal Travel Car DC to AC Adapter Plug for Cellphones and other small appliances”. 8 bucks USD on amazon. Yes that is short sighted to have no battery option. but this would be cool for getting laptops on the web on the go.

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