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Cities Throw Down the Gauntlet for Electric Car Charging

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Evidently teamwork was just a little too blah for the mayors of San Francisco and Portland, Ore. While last month the governors of California, Oregon and Washington said they wanted to build a “B.C. to Baja green highway,” with alternative fuel and charging stations along the West Coast’s I-5 transit corridor, today San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Portland Mayor Sam Adams doubled down to compete for “EV supremacy,” as Newsom put it this morning in a guest post on Gas 2.0. (He’s an avid “blogger” writing for us about wave power not too long ago.) Close on their heels is Seattle, which just announced a new charging infrastructure development plan and possible new incentives for plug-in cars this week.

The cities are racing to develop charging infrastructure to support the large-scale rollout of electric vehicles. Adams said earlier this month at a press conference that while Newsom is “trying hard” to make the Bay Area the EV capital of the world, “that’s gonna be Portland.”

Maybe not. If Adams and Newsom are serious about this race (the rivalry appears wholly goodnatured, but they do want to win), they’d better watch out for Seattle, which has just joined the growing ranks of municipalities and utilities working with the Renault-Nissan Alliance to develop charging infrastructure and deploy a pilot run of Nissan’s (s NSANY) electric cars next year. Game on.

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10 Responses to “Cities Throw Down the Gauntlet for Electric Car Charging”

  1. kent beuchert

    Every other week, the publicity-seeking lunatic who claims to be Mayor of San francisco, comes up with yet another shceme. Before it was Project Better Place. Whatever happened to that brainless idea?
    Now he apparently of the opinion that EV drivers will only want to travel the I5 corridor. Anyone who sets out to get specific about the coming EV revolution better start thinking instead of talking. Thinking about such things as “what, exactly, will be the characteristics of the EV going on the highways”? Specifically that requires exact knowledge about the batteries. But recent avances have turned upside down and made obsolete Mayor Newsome’s previous committment to Project Better Place. maybe, just maybe, it’s time for the confused Mayor to quit running around acting like Kermit the frog.
    At the moment he’s just your average publicity hound out to save planet Earth. P.S. don’t anyone mention the rips that are appearing in global warming arguments. It would destroy him to learn that he has backed a crackpot theory and now appears to be just another dupe. But that would include most of brainless San Fran as well. They probably won’t even notice. They already seem to be mightilly confused about the simple concept of gender (they don’t believe in it).