Apple’s WWDC Sells Out Despite Recession Scrounging


soldoutwwdcIt may only be circumstantial evidence, but a lot of comments I saw on Twitter led me to believe that many developers didn’t have the spare cash to attend Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference this year. That was an incorrect impression. The truth was actually quite the opposite, with WWDC ’09 selling out faster than ever before. Credit Apple (s aapl) with yet another shot in the eye of the continuing global financial crisis.

Sounds impressive, but it actually only has to beat one previous year. 2008 marked the first time the conference ever sold out, a feat accomplished no doubt on the strength of the introduction of iPhone development to the roster. Last year it took two months for all the WWDC tickets available to get snatched up. This year, it only took half that time. If you’re looking for reasons, you need only look as far as a certain recent milestone achieved by the App Store that ends in nine zeroes (hint: 1,000,000,000).

It doesn’t hurt that Apple was also offering a discount of $300 for those who signed up early (by April 24). That brought the total price to $1,295, down from $1,595. I’m not sure I’d call that a “deal,” but it was probably an enticing incentive to those who make (or hope to make) their fortune thanks to Apple’s various development platforms. The rest of us who aren’t lucky enough to have nabbed a spot aren’t completely out of luck, though, since Apple promises to make session videos available following the conference itself.

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