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Apple Launches MobileMe 24/7 Live Chat Support…and No One Noticed

MobileMe Live Chat Support

No wonder this went unnoticed by most people. In the grand history of non-newsworthy news, this is right up there.

Two days ago, Apple (s aapl) updated their MobileMe News page with the announcement of 24/7 Live Chat support. If you have a problem with MobileMe, and the topics on the main support pages don’t help, you can hit the “Chat now” button to start a real-time chat session with a MobileMe expert.

I can’t say for certain, but I reckon this is how most of those discussions will play out:

Customer: My Contacts have stopped syncing with my iPhone.

Support Agent: OK, I’ll try to help you with that. There’s no reported problem with the MobileMe service. I need to check your iPhone settings…

[Time passes as settings are checked and rechecked.]

Support Agent: That should correct the issue.

Customer: (Pause) Yeah, my contacts are still not syncing.

Support Agent: You just need to give it a little more time to catch up.

Customer: How much more time?

Support Agent: (Cheerful) Not long!

[24 hours later]

Customer: My Contacts have stopped syncing with my iPhone.

Support Agent: OK, I’ll try to help you with that. There’s no reported problem with the MobileMe service. I need to check your iPhone settings…

OK, all joking aside, I’ve used MobileMe since its first difficult days, and it’s far better now. Apple has continued to improve the service to the point where outages are few and far between and syncing is (usually) a smooth and hassle-free experience. You know…it just works

…except when it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t work, in my experience at least, it’s for absolutely no good reason whatsoever. In fact, as I write this, I’m about four weeks into a period of “slow” email synchronicity; by that, I mean that my Calendar and Contacts tend to sync between my devices almost instantaneously. Email once did that, too — but not now. Now, I have to tell my iPhone’s Mail app to refresh. But, nothing has changed. This is just one of those MobileMe oddities that tends to come and go over time.

Still, adding this kind of real-live-person-at-the-end-of-a-phone support to MobileMe speaks volumes about Apple’s confidence in the service, and how seriously they’re taking it. And that’s great news for crazies like me who long ago stumped-up the green and paid for MobileMe. Of course, I can’t live without it now.

Maybe I should try calling to test the accuracy of my little imagined exchange?

22 Responses to “Apple Launches MobileMe 24/7 Live Chat Support…and No One Noticed”

  1. A couple of days ago I contacted a support line and mentioned that although the annual payment for the mobile me account was £59.00 in the space of about 8 months I have recieved 4 bills of £59.00 for the above account.
    The person I spoke to investigated the two payments I mentioned to him and he told me that the other payment was for another account labled hawaayman1 . . . . which he has now cancelled and I believe he is arranging a credit for. My problem is now I have been informed that this is not the first time we have been overcharged and it has been pointed out that in May 2009(14th May, ref..04468369) I was charged £59.00 and again (10th May ref . 12629992) . . One of these payments has now been repaid but that still leaves me with a total of 4 payments and only two credits in the space of 8 months. I dont have a clue what is going on and would like one more payment refunded and an explanation as to why this has occurred and an assurance that in future I will only be charged once a year for my only account . . [email protected].

  2. David Pilati

    Mobileme support is terrible. Mobileme pulled 44 of my 74 contacts off of the phone and I couldn’t get them back. I spent 1 1/2 hours on their chat with no help. The final answer was to reenter them by hand!

    Try to get someone on the phone is impossible. Wherever they are based has no phone service (j/k) but to not have option to escalate is absurd.

    I screameed and hollered as best you can on chat and could not get someone on the phone. My chat box started crashing – I could intermittently type but it was horrible.

    I am now into a phone call for 1/2 hour and I haven’t got them past confirming my billing address.

    I will never buy another apple product.

  3. I spilled nail polish remover on my macbook, it contains a low amount of acitone or none at all sorry my spelling sucks. WHat do I do? My computer works fine but my keyboard is stuck wont type a thing.

  4. Stewart

    I may be blind but I don’t even see a “Chat now” button any more. I saw it once but it doesn’t seem to be there any more.

    Can Anyone tell me where it is on the page?

  5. Stewart

    I got NO help form APPPLE INDIA either. I can’t upload an uncompressed 300MB file. She didn’t know what to do but said it should work.

    Thanks PC-APPLE

  6. bernard COHEN, MD

    My wife has an Ipod touch which is synched to my Imac via cable and via mobileme.
    I just bought an I phone and can’t get on mobile me or link to Ical and Music.
    What do I do? Can the Imac accept two external devices?
    do I need two mobile me accounts?

  7. I may need to suspend my website (running via or whatever it is called now) for a period of time and then put it back on again. Might be for about 3 months. Is this something I can do easily? If so how to suspend and then how to relaunch? Need to know ASAP. Thank you!

  8. Debbie

    My mail listings are all muddled up (i.e., the subject is on the left side of the screen and the names (which are now on the right side of the screen) look like they belong to the email below it. I have been patiently (3 days) waiting for it to resolve and finally decided that I was so desperate that I was going to click on the “chat now” option – as Mark (above) says, it’s not a live link.

    The steps that I took: #1 – clicked on “learn more” on my sign in page. #2 – Takes you to the Mobile Me News page. #3 – now you click on the Mobile Me support link. (Which also says I CAN click on the “chat now” button…which doesn’t work) #4 – Takes you to Mobile Me Support – now I get to choose my country. #5 Choose English. #6 this takes me to the status/top support issue page. #7 don’t see my issue, don’t see the “chat now” link. #8 decide that my issue will never be resolved and that I’m stuck with my fall-back solution, wait for some other kind Mac user out there to tell me why my mail names/subjects are all displaying so oddly!

  9. I click on the chat now link and nothing happens. My iphone stopped synchinh with mobil me and I thought that they could help. I have always been very impressed with Apples support at their stores, but the mobil me support has been awful.

  10. “when it doesn’t work, in my experience at least, it’s for absolutely no good reason whatsoever.”

    Right behind you on that one, Liam. I’ve had a fail experience with MM for nearly a year and it’s a conundrum, despite firmware updates, GeniusBar visits and resorting to peer-to-peer scrutiny. Don’t put aside the joking: it’s a laughable service (though I’m suspending disbelief that it does, in fact, work for some people).

    Cloud computing = not a core competency for Apple.

  11. Adam Jackson

    I think the 24 hour support is just a good faith on apple because you are “paying” for a specific service and Apple can pay a small monthly fee to an India based support center for the service. It might not be any good but Apple offers it and they can mention it when pushing MObile Me to customers

    • Baxter

      mobileme chat support is based in the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan and recently China, the US and UK support agents support all english speaking chats, Germany supports German …. you get the drift. there are no Indian based outsourced jobs for the chat support. besides, i doubt that they would be able to handle the kind of trash that US , German and UK users throw at the agens