Amimon Unveils Second Gen WHDI Chipset

amimon-2nd-gen-chips-2Amimon announced today the availability of the second generation of its wireless HD transmitter and receiver chips. Designed for the Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) standard, the company says its AMN 2120 and 2220 can wirelessly deliver full uncompressed 1080p/60Hz HD content around the home.

According to Noam Geri, Amimon’s vice president of marketing, the company shipped 100,000 units of the first chipset, which could be found in devices from brand name manufacturers like Sony in Japan and Europe. This second generation improves on the 1080i capabilities of the first set, enabling 1080p. Additionally, Amimon says the new chips have a range of 100 feet (through walls) with a latency of less than 1 millisecond. Also baked into the chips is Hollywood studio-friendly HDCP 2.0 copy protection.

The receiver chip, which can be embedded into television sets, costs $25 while the transmitter chip, which would be embedded into set-top boxes, game consoles or other devices, costs $20. Geri said more nimble manufacturers would be able to get Amimon-enabled devices with this second-gen chip to market by the end of this year.

Amimon is part of the WHDI standard, along with other companies such as Hitachi, Motorola and Sharp, but it is just one standard competing to be the wireless HD transmission flavor of choice. Competitors include WirelessHD and Wi-Fi standards.