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Coming Soon: Social Networking With The Feds

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imageIf all goes well, soon you’ll be able to meet up with the folks from the Agricultural Research Service or the Office of Personnel Management on Facebook and MySpace! Thanks to agreements that the U.S. General Services Administration reached with the two companies this week, there should soon be lots of new profiles of government agencies on the social-networking sites. The GSA says that the agreements resolve legal concerns on issues like advertising, endorsements, and liability that until now have deterred some government entities from using the sites. A Facebook spokesman says the agreement will enable federal agencies to “establish a presence on Facebook so that they may communicate more interactively with the constituencies they serve.

2 Responses to “Coming Soon: Social Networking With The Feds”

  1. Patsy Garzik

    What makes anyone think that all of these lines of communication with the Federal government is going to affect policy or government function in any way?

    The behavior of the Obama administration has shown, and continues to show, complete disregard – disdain – for the opinions of Americans. That is likely to change only when the administration changes.

    I look at all of this with a very jaundiced eye.