Zoho Goes Mobile: Same Look On Different Handsets


zoho-mobileAlthough I wouldn’t want to create loads of content on a handheld, it is nice to have a productivity suite in your pocket. That’s what Zoho brings to the table today with the launch of Zoho Mobile. The Zoho folks are the same ones that offer a suite of online productivity tools that compete with Google Docs. And while there have been a few feature adds to the mobile version of Google Docs, Zoho seems to be a few steps ahead.

Right off the bat, the new Zoho Mobile suite offers a consistent user interface regardless of platform: iPhone (s AAPL), Android (s GOOG), BlackBerry (s RIMM), Windows Mobile 6.x (s MSFT) or Symbian S60 (s NOK). Included in the tool set are web-based apps for Mail, Calendar, Writer, Sheet, Show and Creator. Some platforms offer unique features, such as the offline Writer mode using Google Gears for Windows Mobile.

While the suite is free and looks the same regardless of the smartphone you use, there are still some limitations. Documents are currently saved only as plain text on the iPhone and Android devices, for example. I wasn’t able to edit a spreadsheet when I ran a quick test either. But the beauty of web-based applications is that features can easily be added quickly: Zoho has only to develop, test and then publish changes on the web server to add functions. The suite is free, and although I’m sticking with Google Docs for now, I’m definitely interested to see how Zoho Mobile matures.

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