Technology Award in Honor of Marc Orchant


Long-time readers know that we all lost a good friend and outstanding contributor to the technology and productivity fronts when Marc Orchant passed away in late 2007. A little while ago, we got some great news from Marc’s wife, Sue. The New Mexico Technology Council, local to where the Orchants live, has renamed their annual TechEx award as the Marc Orchant Maximum Impact Award. Sue tells us that it will be awarded to the person or group that epitomizes the best service and impact to the tech industry.

Marc is a prior recipient of the award, and after working with him directly on several fronts, I’m not at all surprised. Marc was relentless in his pursuit of sharing knowledge and technology with everyone he came in contact with. If you ever met him, I’m sure you’d agree.



He did have a maximum impact on many of us he never met. That is a fitting memorial. Thanks for sharing this news, James.

Pam B.

Terrific news. I didn’t know Marc personally, but read his wise words with much interest and learned a great deal from him.


Marc was a great guy, great friend and influencer. This award is totally well deserved.

I’ve dedicated the whole Productive Magazine:

to Marc Orchant. Had he lived, he’d be surely one of my co-editors. I still miss him.

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