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Stat Shot: iPhone Users Are App-Hungry

When it comes to the number of applications smartphone users download, iPhone (s aapl) owners by far have the biggest appetite. A greater percentage of iPhone owners download more apps than other smartphone users, according to a study by Compete.  Some folks are debating whether or not this means people use the iPhone for business or for fun, but that’s not really the point.

The point is that with the App Store and smooth user interface on the iPhone, Apple has made it both easy and fun to find and use more applications. So who cares what you do with it? Apple has created a package of hardware and software that works — something that was sorely lacking in the mobile arena.


11 Responses to “Stat Shot: iPhone Users Are App-Hungry”

  1. Krishna Baidya

    I’m addicted to downloading and trying out new applications. A lot of time also gets frustrated when I hear about the buzz of new cool app and realize that is not being offered in my region. but how often i use all the app? there are only a handful apps that i use on daily basis. hence, for any developer the key for success has to be its value for the user.

  2. One billion downloads – What an appetite or shall I say a feeding frenzy. For us folks, developing a smartphone address book for the iPhone, we are encouraged by the Compete Report stats on “How Much Smartphone Users Spend on Apps,” especially if they find value in the application. I agree that debating whether these apps are for personal or business use is not really the point. The People, who download applications because they use their smartphone for business and personal reasons; are the people who balance, work, family, and personal life 24/7.

  3. Downloading apps is pretty addicting, I agree with Arjun no one really wants to pay for apps. I myself am not an iphone user but the people at my website design studio are. IMO I think their should be trial versions for all apps and if the app is worth buying, then do it. BTW I am a G1 user =)

  4. I think iphone app users are hungry for free food :-) Based on what I’ve seen so far, the business model for revenue generating apps on iphone is bleak (I am not taking about apps that help generate revenue for some other stream of business, I am talking about apps that people will pay for). Out of the 25,000 apps up there, if I recall, less than 1% are making recurring revenue and predictability is low (whoever thought farting is a good idea to make money). I’ve interacted with hundreds of folks who say when they make their apps free, there are 3000 downloads per week, but if its bumped to $0.99, not a single download. These same apps made good money when they sold to the old apps market (like Verizon Deck etc.)

    So absolutely, app store brings in the eyeballs. I hope people figure out the revenue chain for all players and it doesnt follow the rest of the web20 market (eyeballs galore, revenue none)