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MilestonePlanner, an Online Planning Board

We’ve covered lots of great project management apps here on WebWorkerDaily, from collaborative tools like 5pm to estimating and planning tools like Gantter. However, these tools are quite complex if all you need is a simple chart showing who does what, when.

Enter Flash-based (s adbe) timeline planning app, MilestonePlanner. It’s a bit like an online equivalent of the magnetic planning boards you see in some offices, and it’s nice drag-and-drop interface makes it really easy to use. It will handle multiple projects, and you can export your plans to send them to colleagues or use them in presentations or other documents.

Here’s a screencast showing MilestonePlanner in action:

WWD Screencast: MilestonePlanner from WebWorkerDaily on Vimeo.

What’s your favorite planning tool?

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