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Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 Released

Last night saw the release of the latest latest beta of Firefox 3.5, which includes the new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine (which should make web apps faster and more stable), Location Aware Browsing (as Om noted yesterday, we will see many more location-aware services in the future) and a Private Browsing mode. There is also better support for web technologies such as HTML5 and downloadable fonts (check out our interview with Opera’s Håkon Wium Lie for a demonstration of why these will rock). This beta is available in more than 70 languages.

One feature that surfaced in recent nightly builds that’s included in this beta is the ability to reopen accidentally closed browser windows. Firefox has had the incredibly useful “Undo Close Tabs” feature for a while, so the ability to recall closed windows should also be handy. You can access closed windows under “Recently Closed Windows” in your “History” menu, or quickly re-open the latest closed window by hitting Ctrl+Shift+N(Windows)/Cmd+Shift+N(Mac).


It’s important to note that this is still a beta version so there may still be some bugs to squash yet, but I’m using it to write out this post and it seems quick and stable.

See the full list of features or download the beta.

What do you think of the new Firefox beta?

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