Facebook, Firefox, Twitter Lead App, Web Usage

Facebook and Mozilla Firefox are the applications used most across different platforms, according to data collected by Wakoopa, a software-oriented social network. The Amsterdam-based startup offers a small download client that’s installed on the desktops of its 75,000 users.

Twitter clients Tweetdeck and Twhirl are continuing to see strong usage and growth, much like Twitter. The most popular newcomer among Twitter clients, as well as overall apps, for the Mac is Destroy Twitter. These numbers are in sync with web usage data reported by others research companies as well.


The more interesting part of the report is the browser usage: Google Chrome is making a significant impact on the browser market, with 15 percent usage across all countries and age groups. The Opera browser market, by comparison, has its highest adoption levels in Europe.

When I was looking through the report shared with us, one thing that struck me was how people below 30 are completely ambivalent towards Microsoft’s (s msft) Internet Explorer and prefer using alternative browsers. If this trend continues, Microsoft might have big browser issues on its hands.