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Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles Stealthily Invades the iPhone

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altairchronGameloft continues to release big titles for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and their most recent release is no exception. The title in question is Ubisoft’s runaway success, Assassin’s Creed, which was wildly successful when released for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms in 2007. Prequel Altair’s Chronicles came out for the Nintendo DS last year, but was met with less than stellar reviews. This year, Gameloft has ported Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles ($9.99) to the iPhone platform. Would it fare well on Apple’s handheld? Let’s find out.


photo4The game looks good on the iPhone, about as good as it does on the DS, judging from the screenshots I’ve seen online. Going from dual to single screen means that some game elements change, but it never felt like I was missing out on anything by not having the second display. Gameloft throws in a video introduction which is gorgeous, with gameplay footage taken from the PS3/Xbox 360 installment of the series. It might mislead people not familiar with the graphics limitations of the platform, but it’s not a big deal.

In-game CG video segments are just plain bizarre, though. Often I had trouble figuring out what was going on, and they’re shown in little frames in the center of the screen, making them very, very small. Also, during non-playable interactions using the actual sprites, character movement was often improperly synced with voice-over audio, which just seems unprofessional in a title of this caliber from this particular developer. I also think that some video segments just plain didn’t play, because there were times when I had no idea how I got to be where I was.

Still, minor issues aside, it’s a good-looking game, and gameplay only slowed a couple of times — pretty much on par with Hero of Sparta, or Gun for the PSP.


photo-41Despite sync issues, and problems with the game’s writing and storyline, voice-over work was actually pretty impressive in Altair’s Chronicles. The audio quality of the voice tracks is great, and the acting isn’t terrible. There seem to be a lot of arbitrary differences between what characters actually say and what the subtitles think they’re saying, but it’s more amusing than anything else.

Soundtrack and sound effects are both done well. I especially appreciate the sound that indicates a special action button is available, because I’d miss it without the auditory cue most of the time. My largish thumb generally obscures that part of the screen.


I actually haven’t played Assassin’s Creed for either the PS3 or the Xbox, so my impression of the gameplay here won’t be comparative with that title, which I don’t think is fair anyways, considering the disparity between the platforms. The most important factor for gameplay on the iPhone/iPod Touch, for me, are controls. In this case, Gameloft stuck with the formula that worked for them in Hero of Sparta and Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes. That means you control movement via an on-screen D-pad, and jump/attack/perform actions with buttons on the right side of the screen. The difference is that where those games were primarily action-oriented, Altair’s Chronicles is very much a platformer.

photo-3It works well enough, although there were a few very frustrating moments when it seemed like bad camera angles and awkward controls combined to make simple tasks infuriatingly difficult. In fact, that probably helps explain why Gameloft peppered in Checkpoints with such frequency. It almost makes frustrating control experiences seem like challenging gameplay. Almost, but not quite.

Even so, I did finish the game the same day I started playing it (albeit on “Easy”), so the control issues weren’t enough to make me give up altogether (although I did have to take a couple extended, frustration-based breaks). The game is thoroughly playable, and some of the mini-games, like picking people’s pockets or interrogating people, are perfectly suited to the iPhone platform.


If you liked Hero of Sparta, and/or Brothers in Arms for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you’ll probably also enjoy Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles. Don’t go looking for a great and illuminating story line, however, since it seems like a broken and hastily cobbled together prequel at best. Also, be ready to wish you had a physical D-pad, which for me is just part of the iPhone gaming territory at this point, and a trade-off I’m willing to make for some more traditional platform gaming from time-to-time.

23 Responses to “Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles Stealthily Invades the iPhone”

  1. Hey guys,
    I see that many people have got stuck in various parts of the game. I got stuck in a place where there is a close door. The floor looks like a tile. As soon as I want to walk on the yellowish tile, it moves to the other. The one I walk on gets red. I don’t know which way to move from this episode. Any suggestions!!!

  2. Michelle


    I was wondering if you can help me with the part where you’re chasing the girl through the sewer (I think level 11.1) – she lowers a beam for me but I can’t make it to the other side. I’ve tried every combo of jumps possible- any suggestions? Thank you!

  3. Adrian Charles Michael Richmond

    I am completely stuck on the level where you have press the pressure points of the man to get info. That bit is easy its just that the green arrow keeps taking me round in circles – it keeps leading me back to the ladder!

    Somebody help me!

  4. won'tload

    Hi – I just purchased this for my iphone 3G and it won’t run. It plays the trailer and then quits back to the main iphone menu. I’ve deleted and downloaded it several times and restarted the iphone. Does anybody have any suggestions?

    • Can anyone help me with the part where you have a “tough jump” and have to jump 3 times over burning rooftops or you die? I can always get to the second roof, but never the third.

    • Steve,
      It probably cost me 100 times to re-do that scene, but it is possible to do 3 jumps and make it to the other side..
      You just have to retry. 1st one running jump, then the 2nd and third will go further. You have to check whether your feet come out right. It is trial and error and I know it is not an easy one…
      Good luck

  5. StuckAssassin

    Hi, can anybody help me? I’m in the sewer, at the bit where you have to jump from beam to beam avoiding the water jets. I am having great difficulty getting on the first beam, and in the unlikely event I make it to the second beam I die because I can’t do the jump to the third beam. Help please?

  6. I’m having trouble as well. I am in the desert temple, and am trying to swing across a cavern, but there is a pressure plate spikey thing in the landing zone. I’ve caught the edge and hung there, but as soon as I pull myself up the trap springs and I die. Anyone figure this out?

    • Hy Ben. You have to jump to the rope, climb a little bit up, the down again, so that you hang at the final end of the rope. Start now swinging like hell (Tip: swing without lifting your finger from the control-cross) until the rope is in an almost horizontal position – then jump.

    • Warheart

      Can anyone help me with the part where you have a “tough jump” and have to jump 3 times over burning flames or you die? I can always get to the second rock, but never the third.

  7. Wondering

    What do you do on the part where re girl says I’m here Altair but I can’t get any farther and there are bombs and you’re supposed to blow up to column but there’s a waterfall blocking the way?

  8. Videos are so much better than pictures…

    Jus’ sayn’

    If I wanted reviews and some images of the game, I will just look at the app’s page in the App Store.