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Former Motorola CFO Accuses Company Of ‘Smear Campaign’ In Ongoing Lawsuit

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imageMotorola’s ex-CFO Paul Liska (pictured, right), who sued the company at the end of February for wrongful termination, is now accusing the handset maker of crafting an elaborate “smear campaign,” according to a document filed Monday in Illinois Cook County Circuit Court.

The Chicago Tribune, which has been doing a good job of documenting the back-and-forth mud-slinging, has the latest updates in the lawsuit. The paper reports that in documents filed on Monday, Liska accuses Motorola of hiring private investigators to contact his colleagues “claiming that they are performing a ‘background check’.” The filing also accused Motorola of doctoring an email that was included as an exhibit. The filing said: “This ill-advised stunt is part of a developing, and increasingly disturbing, effort by Motorola to smear Mr. Liska’s reputation at all costs.”

The latest actions stem from motions filed two weeks ago by Motorola (NYSE: MOT). The company accused the executive of destroying important evidence stored on a company laptop. It asked the court to require Liska to turn over a variety of documents and e-mails. On Monday, Liska’s attorney requested both motions to be denied.

In an affidavit, Liska said he hired a computer consultant to make sure the company could not access his personal information on the computer, and to preserve Motorola documents on a separate hard drive. Liska: “I have maintained all of the Motorola related documents that (the consultant) copied…I have not deleted any of them.” A judge is expected to hold a hearing Wednesday morning.

One Response to “Former Motorola CFO Accuses Company Of ‘Smear Campaign’ In Ongoing Lawsuit”

  1. Zig Zachmanovich

    Paul, you go get em! The company is getting too good at throwing people out to save a buck…. Sue MOT for every penny you can get!