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Twitter Still Having Problems Holding Onto New Users

Twitter may be bringing in millions of new users every month — but it is struggling to keep them. Nielsen Online said Tuesday that Twitter’s audience retention rate, or the percentage of a given month’s users who come back the following month, is now a rather measly 40 percent. (It’s been at 30 percent for most of the last year.)

That’s about half the retention rate that Facebook and MySpace claimed at the same point in their lifecycles. Nielsen does not say why new Twitter users are dropping off at such a fast clip (We asked and will update if we hear back). Maybe it’s part of a broader fatigue with social networking sites (Who needs yet another site to check?) or frustration with Twitter’s simplicity.

But David Martin, vice president of primary research at Nielsen Online, says in a blog post that unless Twitter can boost the number of its users who stay around, the site’s growth will be stifled. “To be clear, a high retention rate doesn

3 Responses to “Twitter Still Having Problems Holding Onto New Users”

  1. I would never expect the "Oprah followers" to be huge Twitter participators. Every person that checks updates on the hour knows at least 5 people that signed up for an account and did absolutely nothing with it. Facebook is much more targeted to interacting with people you actually know, to have a successful Twitter experience, you have to be willing to find new people and spend time building new relationships.

  2. Kind of feels like Twitter is at its peak right now. I do wonder if anybody will care a year from now. IMHO, if they were smart they would sell out today while receiving so much hype. Oprah using the service has just got to be the "jump the shark" moment.