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Report: Disney to Hook Up With Hulu This Week

Disney (s DIS) and Hulu (s GE) will supposedly announce a new content partnership this week, according to Peter Kafka over at All Things D. Word of a potential deal between the two companies first surfaced a month ago.

Terms of the deal appear to be largely unchanged from what was first reported. Hulu is said to be getting exclusive access to some Disney content in exchange for an equity stake in the premium content portal; all that’s left to determine is what programming will be available (no ESPN) and for how long.

Those in the industry have been waiting to see whether Disney would partner with Hulu or the new and more premium content-friendly YouTube (s GOOG). Last month, Disney agreed to put some of its content on YouTube, but the video giant only got clips, not full-length episodes. While Disney has been at the forefront of web distribution, streaming shows via both iTunes (s aapl) and Netflix (s nflx), the company has kept full-length shows like Lost locked up at

Interestingly, the final point on the Disney/Hulu deal is supposedly around content windowing. We, like Kafka, have noticed that it’s become harder to watch our favorite shows on Hulu as of late. Episodes of Rescue Me don’t appear on the site until eight days after they air on TV, and there are only five episodes from the current seasons of shows like 30 Rock and House available. So much for true on-demand viewing. If that extends to ABC programming, good luck trying to make sense of Lost when you only get half of Season 5.