Palm Pre FAQ (Unofficial) Sneaks Out

palm-pre1We’re only nine weeks from the mid-point of 2009, so there can’t be much time left to wait for Palm’s Pre to launch. Without any review devices in the public nor much in the way of marketing, information still seems to be at a premium. Some more tidbits surfaced today from the inside. Literally. The Inside Sprint Nextel blog answers several questions on the new handset features and functions including these and more:

  • Device backups are for the settings, downloaded applications, Calendar entries and local contacts only.
  • The Data Transfer Assistant is solely used for moving data from your PC to your Pre. It’s really meant for old data and doesn’t sync data back from your Pre to the PC.
  • USB Disk Mode can be used to save purchased content like MP3 files.
  • WebOS is equipped to handle up to eight e-mail accounts: Exchange, IMAP and POP3. The FAQ listing doesn’t say if the Pre works with multiple Exchange accounts, something we know that Apple’s iPhone doesn’t do.

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