Palm Pre FAQ (Unofficial) Sneaks Out


palm-pre1We’re only nine weeks from the mid-point of 2009, so there can’t be much time left to wait for Palm’s (s PALM) Pre to launch. Without any review devices in the public nor much in the way of marketing, information still seems to be at a premium. Some more tidbits surfaced today from the inside. Literally. The Inside Sprint Nextel blog answers several questions on the new handset features and functions including these and more:

  • Device backups are for the settings, downloaded applications, Calendar entries and local contacts only.
  • The Data Transfer Assistant is solely used for moving data from your PC to your Pre. It’s really meant for old data and doesn’t sync data back from your Pre to the PC.
  • USB Disk Mode can be used to save purchased content like MP3 files.
  • WebOS is equipped to handle up to eight e-mail accounts: Exchange, IMAP and POP3. The FAQ listing doesn’t say if the Pre works with multiple Exchange accounts, something we know that Apple’s (s AAPL) iPhone doesn’t do.



If I have a choice, I refuse to use any service where my personal data is stored online in a way that it could be compromised. We know that the government is routinely getting back door access to networks and I see no reason why I should make it easy for the government to learn about my goat fetish.

Just kidding about the goat fetish. But seriously, one’s political affiliations could get you labeled a terrorist in these crazy times. Remember Janet Napolitano’s memo to law enforcement telling them to be suspicious of veterans returning from Iraq, as well as Tea Party participants.

I demand full control over my data, even if that means maintaining and securing my own servers. Just say “no” to clouds computing ;)


By the way, I’m fed up with waiting for this damn thing – I have to say that I dont really care anymore. iphone is getting over 100 new features anyway and it would be VERY expensive to break my iphone contract with Rogers.


This wont work – I need to synch with outlook – too bad, i guess im stuck with iphone even though I would prefer Pre.

just a quick reply

it syncs with outlook OTA (over the air), so its even better than having to plug it in, it automatically syncs during the day for you keeping you constantly up to date with calendars/email/contacts


no Jo, the cloud only compliments local it will never replace it. it will absolutely NEVER be the “future”. it’s easy to say that when you dont know what your talking about but ask any engineer, 1 of the primary reasons is that current wireless standards are literally a joke at best. LTE will make great strides but still wont even come close to widespread coverage & adoption (ever notice the faster speeds released the shorter the coverage area?)

another major reason cloud contacts will never be cloud only is because many many corporations just flat out dont allow it. they only allow company handhelds to be synced locally. my guess is that Palm only expects their device to be a consumer based toy (ala the iPhone) and not a serious mobile platform such as WinMo or BB


Oh, yeah, so many corporations hate the cloud, that’s why 99% of companies are using EAS and Blackberries.

What do you call the over the air email and contact syncing that “serious mobile platforms such as WinMo or BB” do? I’ve got news for you, that’s also the cloud.

And of course, the cloud compliments local. That’s why the Pre stores a local cache of all of your data without having to connect a cable and sync.


as much as i am looking forward to the Pre, i consider the lack of true local sync a HUGE negative. i much prefer managing my contacts in a rich robust program such as Outlook & then syncing directly to the device. i dont like simplified contacts of services like Yahoo/Google & syncing over the air.

the world just isnt ready for a cloud only approach, if you can even call it that. some aspects of the phone are cloud based some are local based, just like every other computer! i think Palm is just using this “cloud logic” as an excuse to not offer a local sync program after the disaster that was the previous Palm OS’s syncing capabilities, they just lack the talent to do it properly (to be fair, even MS couldnt get it right with ActivSync & that was their OWN OS).


They’re moving away from local sync because that’s the future, honestly. If you want to manage your contacts in Outlook, hosted Exchange is so much better. Then you use Outlook which updates on the server and things are immediately updated on your phone, and vice versa. There’s no wire to connect or sync to perform or anything like that.

I know I haven’t synced my phone since the first time I set it up.

And if you notice, everything is already starting to go in this direction. Google recently announced Google Sync, MS is bringing out Live Mesh, and Apple has MobileMe. The only thing Palm does differently here is let you use whatever online service you want (well okay, not every one works yet, but that’s the general plan).

As for “lacking the talent to do it properly” that’s just BS.


With all this discussion of syncing, has there been any elaboration on syncing tasks, notes (one of the main reasons I will not purchase the iPhone). If the Pre is to sync exclusively through Facebook or other personal mangers, they do not have a tasks or notes tool on Facebook, Google, so on. This article mentions it is only to sync in one path, PC to Pre, so if I add aa task on my Pre, it will not sync into Outlook? that will be quite disappointing.
Does anyone have any thoughts?
I have seen images of the tasks/memo pad (Notes) on the palm Pre.

Nick H

PJ – I’ve been with Sprint for 9 years now. Some highs, some lows.

First off, EVERY carrier has bad areas. You have to see how it is where you live. All in all, I have no complaints here in Atlanta. I also travel to Savannah/Brunswick a lot and reception is good there too.

Second – Sprint customer service did suck bad for a while. They have been bleeding customers for a while now and have vastly improved. I dare say the last time I had to deal with them it was pleasant. Basically I haven’t had issues with Sprint in quite a while.

The Pre is Sprint only through 09. 2010 should see it at other carriers, which ones I do not know. If AT&T manages to keep the iPhone through 2011 (which would be REALLY stupid on Apple’s part) you can bet Verizon will jump on the Pre.


At&t has no choice but to maintain exclusivde rights to the iphone. It’s really the only thing that keeps them in business. I’ve been with Sprint for 6 years and I agree customer was bad in the past phone insurance and the everything plan hkeep me from having to deal with typical customer service issues.


Pre is exactly the phone that I’ve been waiting for. Only concern I have for Pre is actually the Sprint network. I’ve heard/read so many negative things about Sprint that I’m very much in dilema about buying Pre since it is a Sprint exclusive phone. Do you have, by chance, any idea if Pre will be available through other carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, or T-mobile? Thanks, in advance, for your reply.


Sprint has the exclusive on the Pre, reportedly at least through the end of this year. If the Pre is successful you could expect it eventually to be available from other carriers as well (though that hasn’t yet happened for the iPhone).

As far as Sprint itself goes, you should ask people in your area to get a sense of how well it works locally. I know I don’t have any problems with it.

Pam B.

Do we think the Pre will *require* online syncing of PIM information, such that local syncing to the desktop is not possible? That would be bad news for some of us.
Can anyone shed light on this question?

Kevin C. Tofel

Pam, the Pre isn’t designed to sync with a computer. Palm devised the Synergy feature specifically to sync with Exchange, Google and Facebook PIM data for starters. I wouldn’t rule out some 3rd part sync apps but from a native perspective, the idea to use WebOS with the web. It’s definitely a paradigm-shift for those of us who have synchronized via USB or Bluetooth to a computer, but as soon as I moved to an over-the-air sync solution, I never looked back.

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