Freeware of the Moment- Rocketdock


My call for your favorite utilities for UMPCs has gotten me some good recommendations and one of those is our Freeware of the Moment. Our friend HG pointed out that the Rocketdock program is good for UMPCs as it provides a customizable dock that is very finger-friendly on UMPCs. I had to try it out right away, and HG wasn’t kidding; Rocketdock allows you to create a tailored launcher/ taskbar/ gadget dock that fits your needs as well as your screen.

Rocketdock is donation-ware so if you use it you should drop them some coin so development can continue. The program is great, with all aspects of it customizable, from the skin to the icons used. The developers have a nice collection of gadgets you can download for free to extend the usefulness of Rocketdock. Rather than try to explain how cool and useful the program can be just take a look at my current UMPC desktop. I’ve included snaps in both landscape and portrait orientation to show how well Rocketdock makes the transition.


Gordon Cahill

there’s also objectdock, which I prefer. It’s free and made by the stardock people. There’s heaps of plugins etc.



I’ve tried (and failed) to get get custom themes for RocketDock. Any help on how to get custom themes?


James, also look at Free Launch Bar ( and the commercial version True Launch Bar.

If you don’t mind a larger task bar, then setting the icon sizes up to a finger selectable size would allow cascading finger compatible launch menus on a UMPC. I currently have around 150 applications available via six buttons on the task bar.

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