Daily Sprout

Where’s the Beef, GM?: General Motors outlined a revised viability plan today, including plans to keep development of the Chevy Volt on track — but it neglected to address the federal auto task force’s criticism that the Volt is expensive eye-candy, not a mass market solution for GM’s shrinking market share. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Cement Makers Threaten Exodus: Cement industry representatives say federal air emissions regulations proposed last week will lead to closure of U.S. plants and outsourcing of cement production to countries with lax environmental regulations. — NYT’s Green Inc.

So Long, SV Solar?: As the long list of VC-funded solar startups shrinks, SV Solar seems to have entered a death spiral — the victim of a poorly-hatched business plan heavily dependent on high silicon prices and investors who should have known better. — Greentech Media

Abengoa Goes Big: Spanish engineering company Abengoa has just started operating a 20 MW solar power plant — the world’s biggest — using 1,255 mirrors to focus solar radiation at the top of a 541-foot-tall tower, thereby boiling water to drive a turbine and generate electricity. — Reuters

Car Charging Network for the Netherlands: Eleven Dutch companies that manage regional electricity grids have agreed to set up a national network of 10,000 electric car charging stations by 2012. — Radio Netherlands Worldwide


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