Check Out’s Pre-Launch Web Video Editing Tools (Beta Invites)


We recently connected over Twitter with a startup called, which has a neat-looking web-based editor for adding interactive overlays. Users can make clickable moving hotspots, tickerize RSS feeds and measure viewer response.


Where I really think tools like’s and those from competitors like Veeple could shine is if they were compatible with existing video players. However, as specialized white-label video offerings they could be excellent for customers looking to do small video-as-marketing deployments. Though that’s not as flashy as the ad-supported stuff, it’s a particularly fast-growing contingent of our sector. We recently moderated a general-interest video panel at the Web 2.0 Expo where nearly everyone in the audience said they were working on deploying video in order to market their companies and organizations. (Though you might not know it from reading our site, the world’s not all about UGC and full TV episodes!) might do well to partner up with startups like Zunavision, Euclid Media, and Innovid, who enable ads to adapt to the context of a video — for instance an overlay could stay glued to the side of a moving vehicle or bend around the angle of the corner of a wall. Perhaps those folks could benefit from a sleek and simple web-based interface like’s.

Tyne, UK-based employs six and has raised £1.23 million ($1.8 million) in seed funding. We have a bunch of invites to its beta — just use the code NewTeeVee. If you’re interested, it might be a good idea to get in now, as the eventual product release won’t be free.

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