"60 Minutes" on "Clean Coal" Misses the Innovators

“60 Minutes” aired a pretty blah piece on Sunday night on the problems of capturing carbon from coal plants. While the story interviewed a lot of the big names in both the coal and the renewable energy industries, including Duke Energy’s Jim Rogers, NASA’s James Hanson, Climate Progress’ Joseph Romm and UC Berkeley’s Dan Kammen, it failed to mention any of the new companies and technologies being developed to capture the carbon.

No mention of PowerSpan, which recently raised $50 million from investors like George Soros and NGEN Partners, or GreatPoint Energy, which was one of the most well-funded cleantech startups around. The piece was short, so perhaps they didn’t have time, but they had the perfect opportunity to take a brief look at the new players when Rogers admitted that Duke, despite pledging to reduce its carbon footprint, has not spent any money investing in the technology of carbon capture and sequestration. For more info on CCS, read our FAQ.

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