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NDTV Partners Vdopia For Video Ads; Indiatimes Ties Up With Shoogloo

imageNDTV has taken a significant step towards monetizing its videos online. The broadcaster has partnered with video ad service Vdopia to serve ads on its newly launched video site as well as on the live online feed of the group’s business news channel on From the release: “According to reports from E&Y and AC Nielsen, online video advertisement market is set to grow exponentially at 300 percent in 2009 and has 85 percent higher brand recall compared with 54 percent for the same ad on television.” The release also says that the recently relaunched was the first site globally to introduce Vdopia’s dynamic skin branding. This means while an Airtel ad played before the news video started, the Airtel branding and links stayed on the skin of the video player throughout the video.

imageIndiatimes Shopping said last week that it has partnered with Shoogloo network to drive more traffic to its e-commerce sites. The revenue share with Shoogloo is based on actual transactions and not per click or per impression. Indiatimes Shopping’s deals will be served on Shoogloo’s affiliate network and websites that sign on for the programme as well as Shoogloo earns a commission. “Some of the top online retailers around the world have used affiliate marketing to drive sales and increase traffic. This gives us a great opportunity to further increase our online presence and generate additional sales through this channel,” Times Internet COO Sunil Rajshekhar said in a statement.

(The chart here shows how the Shoogloo network works for Indiatimes and affiliates.)

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