Track Swine Flu on Google Maps



Google Maps tracks the Swine Flu outbreaks across the World. Click on the image to see the map.


Chad Wagner

Hi guys, I found that site too and it was moved to another URL, can’t remember which… but even so, it’s still not “official” and is overwhelming. Not to diss it and self-promote, but I did a free website this weekend to fill the niche and I think it gives a simple view of the overall picture in each state :)


Has anybody noticed that not a single communist country has reported the number of people affected in their nations? Evidently they want the rest of the world to believe theirs is the “perfect” system!


I’m ignorant. Is this strain of flu inherently more deadly than the ‘standard’ flu I got a couple of years ago in the UK? I was ill but I never felt my life was in danger.


I am curious to know if the FEMA camps are somehow related to preparing for quarantining large infected populations.. isn’t that what FEMA is all about?


Well, who wold you expect to react if not an entrepreneur? People seem to forget that many of our best inventions came about when the chips were down, and they couple this with thinking that if someone gets paid for a job, then it MUST be a bad thing. Inventors gotta eat too. Unfortunately, long gone are the days where humanity could subsist off the good wishes and pleasant thoughts of their fellows.


Good to see that commerce keeps plowing along, and that entrepreneurs have reacted swiftly to this new opportunity to turn a profit.


to Peter

I read on another site earlier that Tamiflu is not effective against the standard Flu in circulation, and if the two flu’s exchange genes then it will become ineffective against this to, so you want to be using any other ones you can really

Satchmo Bevins

Has anyone come up with a name for this flu yet?

Something marketable would be good, or something nice & short that you could use in place of “excuse me”.

Just saying….


any vacine will take about 6 months to produce, and since this epidemic has started their have been many u do that math^_^

also the reasons it’s so deadly and so infection..well i just quote it “But the new flu strain is a combination of pig, bird and human viruses for which humans may have no natural immunity. ”;_ylt=Alo79yh37PrGSf5EN_il2Mys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTJlMDlyc2pwBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkwNDI4L21lZF9zd2luZV9mbHUEY3BvcwMxBHBvcwMyBHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcnkEc2xrA3N3aW5lZmx1ZXBpZA–

has alot of info on how where all gonna die, but go buy stuff at wallmart for the economy*rolls eyes*
seroursly thou..invest in a facemask, u can get those at any painting supply store. viris is spread human to human so wash ur hands n cover your mouth

Margaret Back

As Swine Flu is spread by human to human contact, it becomes imperative to educate children on how germs are spread.

Germy Wormy Germ Smart for Kids educates and entertains kids while teaching them how to NOT spread germs.

Please pass along to anyone who has young children and is concerned about the spread of the Swine Flu

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