Comcast: Come to Fancast! (Just Not Too Often)

PrintComcast is ramping up activity on its Fancast premium content portal. The cableco has been a busy beaver lately, going back to the networks and studios to get online rights to content so you can watch as much “Rescue Me” as you like…provided you can authenticate that you’re a cable subscriber, that is.

Karin Gilford, senior vice president of Fancast and online entertainment for Comcast Interactive Media, told us in a recent interview that her company sees online video as additive — not cannibalistic — to existing TV viewing. But if bandwidth-hogging online video is no threat to its existing business, why has Comcast imposed a 250 GB cap on broadband service? Gilford doesn’t see caps as an issue and feels the 250 GB cap is almost “impossible” to hit.

Comcast seems to be talking out of both sides of its mouth: We’ll build a great online video destination filled with more content than ever…just don’t use it too much. Check out NewTeeVee’s full video interview with Gilford in which she talks about online video “authentication” and how Fancast will evolve to become more social.


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