Rainn Wilson, Dave Foley, Will Arnett Prepping Web Series

180px-rainnwilson08Reports about a Microsoft presentation for advertisers bring word of some exciting new web series in the works, at least if you’re a fan of The Office, Kids in the Hall or Arrested Development.

Microsoft revealed the following about the series, which do not have distribution plans yet, in an attempt to draw media buyers:

Foley Guys, starring and produced by Rainn Wilson: “A group of friends who head to Hollywood looking to fulfill their dream of become foley artists — i.e. the sound effects experts found on film crews.” This one sounds like the only original idea in the whole bunch, but we shall see. Elsewhere, Wilson recently launched Soul Pancake, a site for discussing life’s big questions.

An untitled office comedy from Dave Foley and Amy Davidson (8 Simple Rules…): “Entirely conceptual at this point, as Microsoft plans to let whatever advertiser that comes on board guide the direction, storylines and format of the show—based on that brand’s target audience.” Sounds especially spineless but then Microsoft has actually run a number of successful branded entertainment projects through its long-term relationship with Reveille.

Cinemash, with Will Arnett and other comedic actors trying out unlikely preexisting movie roles: Arnett, for example, “would display his acting chops by playing the lead role in the horror classic Carrie.” This is a joint project with MEAN Magazine that was already announced.

Last Night on TV: “Comedians such as the duo Frangela (He’s Just Not That Into You) reviewing the previous night’s television highlights.” Sounds like Yahoo’s very successful Primetime in No Time.

Today’s Kitchen Cooking School and Today’s Ambush Makeover: The Today Show is breaking out its segments and their extended footage into channels on MSNBC.com.

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