OQO Update: No Further Production, No Support Available


oqo-model-023We have been all over the unfolding story of the problems that OQO are experiencing and trying to piece together what those problems mean to customers. Today the company has confirmed to our friends at BoingBoing Gadgets that production is indeed halted due to financial trouble at OQO.

“While we haven’t canceled the orders, it is unlikely that we will be able to produce additional model 2+ units,” said OQO senior vice president Bob Rosin. “So it did not seem worth trying to police that story, as it is accurate in a long-term sense.”

This alone sounds pretty bad but even worse OQO is admitting they cannot provide support for existing customers:

“It is saddening that we are not able to provide repair and support services however there will be a solution to that available soon.”

Enthusiast forums are full of reports of customers who have sent their devices to OQO for support who are not hearing anything about repairs from the company. It is sounding pretty scary for those in that position. Let’s hope that OQO can get some additional financing soon enough to keep the ship afloat.



OQO is not dead due to our economy, it is because of the lack of a keyboard which makes it un-popular. Full Windows is not very useful without a touch type keyboard.

Substantial sales? what are you talking about? They never sold many units; in the Spring a local SF giveway paper wrote an article that listed their sales and if you use that number which is higher than other stock estimates the annual sales would be 8-15k a year. That range is dependant on what you believe is the average purchase price per customer (computer, accessories, options, etc.). That is hardly numbers to call substantial. Those are numbers that show that after almost 8 years there is no demand in a full PC using thumb input.

They should have made it a clamshell as a longer size would provide room for a touch type keyboard yet would still be small enough to carry in a large inside jacket pocket.

OQO is dead and I’ve read rumors that they liquidated all the furniture, are not repairing units, their phone is either disconnected and or no live person will asnwer it. I think there is more hope that there is a real tooth fairy than OQO still being in business.


It is clear that they are defunct and have no money at all. If they do not even have money to service their customers or stock any parts than I think they are already dead but just not declared it is over. They took your warranty money and spend it on their salaries long ago.

OQO was to blind not to see that years of no real sales which prove that a thumb PC is a dead product. They should have scraped the the design and made a longer clamshell with a real keyboard. That would have saved them but now they are dead and it is all their fault.

Stuart Guthrie

Hi 3M,

Even though OQO are not servicing machines at this point in time, it does not mean that they are necessarily “dead”. I am sure that the staff at OQO are currently examining all possible options of working things out and looking at ways of getting themselves back up and running again. OQO have been in a worse situation than this before when they were looking for ways to finance the production of the 01. Even though things may seem very uncertain to us, there is still a high possibility that OQO will manage to sort things out.

Regarding your statement about the clamshell design, OQO’s current situation is not about anything that they have or have not done correctly. OQO, like many other businesses, are simply a victim of the current recession. Also, you state that there have been ‘years of no real sales’. May I ask what leads you to this conclusion as OQO have never publicly released their sales figures and do not have to since they are a privately owned company? To my knowledge, OQO have indeed had quite substantial sales figures until quite recently. OQOs have been adopted not only by day-to-day consumers but also by large corporations looking for portable computing options.

Stu :)

Andy Abramson

I received the OQO back, but with a note saying they can’t repair it (i.e replace the missing antenna) due to funding issues.

Here’s what I don’t get. I paid for the warranty which was to extend the original one. They replaced the original unit that died, but didn’t replace it properly, with a full working unit.

Next stop, American Express.

James Robinson

Before – Cool guy with the lastest and greatest technology. I told everyone this is great! You should buy one. Look at my new toy!

After – Burned early adopter who looks like an idiot. A broke idiot at that.

Unit submitted mid Feb. It only needed reimaging!

James Robinson

This is unreal! I love my PC and now it’s gone. I hardly had the chance to use it and now it is in pergatory. I called today and only got a PR message. In my opinon I would have been better off if you entered my house and took away my refrigerator. I am job searching and my personal PC would help out alot! Oh, how much did I drop for my OQO and now worthless accesories? I could really use that money now. HELP!


Andy- I had trouble getting my unit back in Feb but I count myself lucky that it was returned fixed. I honestly contemplated contacting a lawyer because my unit was fixed within 2 days and everyone kept telling me it was shipped back to me when it wasn’t. I just wanted to say I am really sorry for all the people whose machines are sitting somewhere being held hostage and unrepaired. Several people on OQOtalk.com that sent their units in recently were returned unfixed, but those that sent it is from the middle of Feb have had no luck getting their units back, repaired or not.


Sounds like OQO is dead and skipped town to avoid creditors?

– not fixing nor honoring warranty on product recently sold?

– no money to sell a new product?

– in desparation mode to seek a buyer in a recession?

– I read that an OQO owner drive to Shotwell in SF and saw no lights, looked like nobody home?

– a design that is not popular, no keyboard, often noisey, runs hot, and in the last year or two has been less reliable in build quality?

I would say that the above spells a sure sign there in no hope for them. Too bad as I liked the idea of a full PC in my pocket, but like most I know whom tried one out would not buy it due to the poor non keyboard design. They should have made in a longer handheld clamshell design instead. For me if it was even as long as 7 1/2 inches it would still fit in an inside sport coat but it would be a usable design.

Andy Abramson

I’m contemplating fraud and grand theft charges against the board of directors, senior managers (past and present)

1. Device arrived. Died on a trip to Europe. Required complete restore of software and sending via PR team a DVD to install while on a business trip.

2. One year or so later the device (which received little use) would not boot. Was returned for warranty repair and fixed. The device just died sitting in its cradle after not being used for six months or so.

3) The returned unit to me fails on 3G connectivity. Local Sprint Engineers who intervene at request of a friend in Sprint Senior Management determines device was returned to me without the proper antenna.

4) OQO is contacted and after a few weeks wnit is returned via RMA to OQO for repair (after a period of waiting for RMA number.) Unit has been with OQO for over two weeks and they do not return phone calls or emails. Only PR person replies with an apology.

Here’s why fraud or maybe grand theft charges:

1) The device was turned over for repair for warranty service. What was returned was of less value to me as it did not work as it should have. I have loss of use, I’m paying Sprint for service I can’t access and OQO is being impossible to deal with.

2) Request to return the unit have gone unanswered other than by PR person who was only apologetic, but could not offer any help.

3) The RA was issued and the product not returned. Warranty was paid for, but value and service not delivered.

How hard is it to put an antenna on the unit? That is, if they have the antenna part available, of course. Third party warranty company may also have to be sued for failure to deliver/uphold warranty. They were paid.

Bottom line, the SF DA’s office could have a field day hauling these folks into court as many of the customers who shipped defective product in for repair like me would add up to a lot of money.

Not fixing and not returning merchandise is criminal as it’s theft. It’s also a civil suit, that even the insurance companies won’t want to handle as the lack of professionalism by the executive team (past and present) could easily be demonstrated via testimony. When the product is returned with an RA a bailment is created, with a bailee (me) bailor (them) relationship for the benefit of the bailee. That means the custody of the item is in the hands of bailor for my benefit, and any loss, harm or damage is at their expense. Since the RA goes to a third party company (likely) who is operating on behalf of OQO, both OQO and the third party company are at risk for any loss or damage, and the bailee will be owed full compensation for the lost item if not returned. Since there is a warranty in place to keep the unit in full working order, OQO (or their warranty company) will be responsible to return the unit in full working order and within a reasonable period of time. Failing that, the rules under the Uniform Commercial Code for a Bailment will apply.

Bottom line if they have multiple units that are not repaired and not returned, you have grand theft and fraud, as they sold a service they didn’t deliver on with the warranty.


and what does all of that accomplish? they are broke. they did not intend to steal/defraud. if they file bankruptcy, OQOs responsibility for warrantees goes away. as far as a return of your unit – stand in line….


Ground breaking technology? NOT, they did have the lead the industry by creating the smallest full PC but it failed due to the lack of a keyboard. Most people do not want to buy a full PC with thumb keys.


There are plenty of deep pockets in the US who could throw out a lifeline to these guys. It’s too bad such a groundbreaking product has to go the way of the dodo bird because of financing issues.


All this news about the OQO is making me depressed. I just hope my model 02 lasts a long time so that I don’t need any support for it.


Good point. Anyway, I will continue to happily use my model 2 and hopefully, a third party will emerge that can service it or sell me accessories, etc. These guys made an amazing device and this team should be damn proud of their accomplishments. Hopefully, another computer company will be them and ship the 2+ or something similar.

Stuart Guthrie

I agree Julian. What OQO have managed to do is nothing short of a technological miracle! While there are many UMPCs out there, in my opinion none come close to the OQO. It’s amazing to be able to carry a full-blown Windows Vista PC in your pocket and then have it become a desktop PC when it’s docked. What really puts things into perspective is when you consider that when closed, it is only slightly bigger than the iPhone and many mp3 players out there.

Regarding your company being ready to order 130 of the 2+s, have you spoken to OQO about this as it could provide them with the financing they are needing, and a massive pre-order like that would help get the 2+ out there quicker for other consumers.

Stu :-)


There is huge demand for the OQO form factor full pc product. Field service and military really needs something the OQO that can be used while on your feet. A netbook or a notebook does not work for this sort of stuff. I wanted a 2+ so damn badly and my company had already discussed getting 130 for our sales organization. Very sad if true.

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