OQO Update: No Further Production, No Support Available

oqo-model-023We have been all over the unfolding story of the problems that OQO are experiencing and trying to piece together what those problems mean to customers. Today the company has confirmed to our friends at BoingBoing Gadgets that production is indeed halted due to financial trouble at OQO.

“While we haven’t canceled the orders, it is unlikely that we will be able to produce additional model 2+ units,” said OQO senior vice president Bob Rosin. “So it did not seem worth trying to police that story, as it is accurate in a long-term sense.”

This alone sounds pretty bad but even worse OQO is admitting they cannot provide support for existing customers:

“It is saddening that we are not able to provide repair and support services however there will be a solution to that available soon.”

Enthusiast forums are full of reports of customers who have sent their devices to OQO for support who are not hearing anything about repairs from the company. It is sounding pretty scary for those in that position. Let’s hope that OQO can get some additional financing soon enough to keep the ship afloat.

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