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We’re trying something new here on the site since it’s been requested at various times over the past several years. See that Daily E-Mail Newsletter bit in the sidebar? It just appeared today and it sends our content to you through e-mail. If you sign up with a valid e-mail address and confirm your free subscription, you can expect one e-mail per day with all of that day’s content, courtesy of FeedBurner (s GOOG). If we don’t write something on a given day (rare, but possible), you won’t get an e-mail. Of course, you can always end your subscription at any time as well: we have no desire to clog up your Inbox!

Your e-mail address won’t be used by us nor collected by us for any other purpose other than to deliver the daily newsletter, so rest assured, we’re not farming for e-mail addresses. ;)


Netbook Insider Forum

I actually have been receiving daily emails with the JKOnTheRun posts for that day for a while now, ever since I initially found JKOnTheRun quite a few months ago. Back then when I seen that you didn’t have the “Subscribe via email” form on the site I simply used the standard FeedBurner RSS Email feed subscription URL and added your Feedburner feed name to the end of it: . I have been enjoying this feature for quite some time now, glad to see that you are now offering it for all readers, it definitely makes following the blog easier!


the new daily email looks great, I love it. keep up the great work.

jim forbes

A daily or weekly newsletter is a great idea. i did weekly electronic newsletters for Demo and Demomobile as well as the monthly printed DemoLetter and DemoMobileLetter. Looking back, it gave me a lot of satisfaction anad i like to think I provided my readers with good analysis of trends and technology in the mobile space. the demand for regular information was particularly high from Asia, Israel, France and Scandinavia.
Keep it up guys!

Jim Forbes

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