New jkOnTheRun Feature: Daily E-mail Newsletter


We’re trying something new here on the site since it’s been requested at various times over the past several years. See that Daily E-Mail Newsletter bit in the sidebar? It just appeared today and it sends our content to you through e-mail. If you sign up with a valid e-mail address and confirm your free subscription, you can expect one e-mail per day with all of that day’s content, courtesy of FeedBurner. If we don’t write something on a given day (rare, but possible), you won’t get an e-mail. Of course, you can always end your subscription at any time as well: we have no desire to clog up your Inbox!

Your e-mail address won’t be used by us nor collected by us for any other purpose other than to deliver the daily newsletter, so rest assured, we’re not farming for e-mail addresses. ;)


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