Like Australia, Estonia Aims for Superfast Broadband for All


Weeks after Australia announced its grand plan to build a $31 billion super broadband network, tiny Estonia says it will spend $374 million to build a broadband network with speeds of 100 Megabits per second. The fiber optic network will be 6,640 kilometers long and be completed by 2015. Estonia is the spiritual home of Internet calling service, Skype.



The point is to provide highspeed internet everywhere, not only to urban areas and cities.

Habib Ullah Khan

Why would it take till 2015? I know several companies that built a 4500 km + optical fiber network in my country and it took less then half that time.

And why is it taking 6000+ km to cover tiny Estonia? Isnt it feasible to connect main cities and then Metro ethernet the urban density areas?

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