Daily Sprout

Wiggle Room for U.S. on Climate Pact: A spokesperson for the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat said today that “there is a bit of leeway” for countries like the U.S. to come up with ideas for a UN climate pact after the April 24 deadline. — Reuters

Energy Star for Data Centers: Mike Zatz, chief of the market sectors group for Energy Star, answers questions about the new efficiency ratings for data centers. — Data Center Knowledge

Mojave, Mo’ Problems: A National Park Service official warns that approving an estimated 63 large-scale solar projects in the Mojave Desert could dramatically impact water supplies across the region because of groundwater used to cool and wash the solar panels. — Greenwire via New York Times

Gingrich-Gore Showdown: The House energy committee added former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to the lineup of witnesses, which includes former Vice President Al Gore, for today’s hearing on the climate bill. — The Hill

Tesla, Tata Suggest Two Auto Futures: Silicon Valley’s Tesla Motors and India’s Tata Motors are the opposite poles of a mobile future: electric luxury on one side and semigreen basic transportation on the other. — Slate’s Big Money