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Apple Passes Billion Milestone, Prize Wasted on Kid

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[UPDATE: Seems we need to start adding a graphic of a cheek with a tongue planted firmly in it for articles like this. Lighten up folks.]

My opinion might be slightly skewed, thanks to jealous rage, but I can’t help but think that Apple’s (s aapl) big billion-app prize could’ve gone to someone more deserving than the 13-year-old who finally took it home. Like me, for instance.

Connor Mulcahey of Connecticut is the official grand prize winner, though, like it or not, confirmed by Apple this Friday. He’ll be taking home a $10,000 iTunes gift certificate. The app he downloaded to win was Bump, which allows you to share contact information wirelessly between iPhones or iPod touches.

First of all, why does a 13-year-old even need a contact sharing application? Is he networking? Does he have that many friends with iPhones? Actually, why does he even have an iPhone or an iPod touch in the first place? One thing’s for sure, the kind of 13-year-old kid who has an iPhone probably isn’t so hard up for cash that he needs Apple to give him a bunch a free stuff. And what’s he going to do with a MacBook Pro and a Time Capsule? Edit and back-up skateboarding vids? OK, I’m done venting.

In all seriousness, Apple probably couldn’t have asked for a better winner. The teen market is one area where they still have lots of room to grow, as a recent survey indicates. Which is partially why I’m so baffled that one could actually win, since the odds seem stacked against it, percentage-wise. Also, it shows that kids like using Apple products, too, even if Microsoft (s msft) stuff does appeal more to the highly lucrative 4-year-old girl demographic.

Besides the prize-giving, Apple also introduced a new online video advertisement trumpeting their own achievement. The ad, which appears on the New York Times web site, among others, is basically an extended, animated version of the “Thanks a billion” graphic that they’re using on the Apple homepage. It dominates the header and sidebar of the Times’ site, and Apple probably wishes the news would also blot out the nasty black mark their reputation has suffered at the hands of the now notorious Baby Shaker app.

I wonder what effect the promotion and giveaway had on download numbers. Only Apple will probably ever know for sure, but if we see more sweepstakes and similar sales tactics in the future, that’s a pretty good indication that the campaign was successful. Here’s hoping it was, because Daddy still needs a new Macbook Pro. Maybe I can catch a late flight to Connecticut and intercept a delivery from Apple en route to a certain 13-year old’s house…

33 Responses to “Apple Passes Billion Milestone, Prize Wasted on Kid”

  1. InWestonCt

    As Johnny and JKL said above, 13-yr olds are quite capable in technology and industrious. They’ve grown up in the info age after all, and some even know how to earn money! Why does everyone presume otherwise?

  2. “Hey wusp… I was downloading random apps to win the prize…”
    Wow, kid has a bit of chip on his shoulder.. And in joke or not, I think some one more deserving could have one the prize. The reason he said, having an iphone at 13 is a big deal, is its a flipping 300 dollar piece of hardware with 80+ dollar a month contract. Most of the parents I know couldn’t bloody well afford that for themselves let alone their children.

  3. I can’t believe that there is so much ageism in the North American culture, by 13-14 you are considered a young adult in many parts of the world, and todays youth are very capable young people. I am currently 19, but at 13 I had been to more than 30 countries, spoke 4 languages, had multiple computers and did everything from web designing, to hosting lan parties were we would practice hacking on our local network. At 13 I knew more about computers than many adults do today. In fact, at 13 I was able to manage my own guild in WoW which became one of the best on the server at the time, I was administrating website ranging anywhere from cell phone tech support to gaming.. all at 13..

    As the person before me, I am not trying to brag but rather trying to prove a point, you should not treat the youth with such disrespect. With a proper education and a good upbringing you can do wonders at 13.

  4. j o h n n y

    hmmmm, interesting, i think today’s 13 year old are capable of more that what the age group knew years back. when i was 13 i sold cans, yard work for people and built my own computer. it was a p4. at the time i could not afford apple so i had the power mac g4 as my wallpaper on windows xp that i moded to look like osx :) i am a photographer, musician, artist. form age 13 and i knew my way around logic (that’s right logic 4 gold, this is before apple bought emagic GmbH), photoshop, anything around computer, i did it without goign to school for it. (self taught musician & all else is self taught) im sorry if i seem like im bragging but this blog is written completely out of jealousy, so just chill out and enjoy life and do not envy, for God has blessed us in so many ways,…… rejoice always.

  5. CCTVandSecurity says:
    “Yes, you are right! We definitely need a ‘tongue in cheek’ category or image! Maybe also throw in a Dummies Guide to understanding satire and good humour for some of the commentors.”

    Or when you try and write something humourus, make it funny. Then there’s no doubt. Satire this is not.

  6. CCTVandSecurity

    Yes, you are right! We definitely need a ‘tongue in cheek’ category or image! Maybe also throw in a Dummies Guide to understanding satire and good humour for some of the commentors.

  7. Connor Mulcahey

    Hey wusp, this is connor mulcahey of weston, the kid who downloaded the app,

    -I was downloading random apps to win the prize
    -bump is useful (teens txt)
    -it can be used with any phone with an accelorometer (i talked to the company)

  8. I am not mad that a 13 year old person won, but I do agree about the app that he downloaded. He probably just downlaoded a bunch of apps at once, which I’m pretty sure most people did. I dont think it should matter what age he is. Also, why cant he have an ipod touch at 13? I had an iPod when I was like 11 or 12 (I am currently 15).

  9. Dino Allsman

    I don’t like the fact a stupid 13 year old won also, i think its dumb, i dont even have an iphone or touch (no money) and tried to send in a non puchase form, good thing it when to someone richer.

  10. Q & C

    Was this winner indeed a random occurance, just how accurate could this count have been?

    It is a good thing the baby shaker app was not the puppy shaker app. That really would have brought out vocal outraged protests!

  11. There should be a mini-test that people have to take before posting comments. Perhaps a simple question such as “Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?” If they get it wrong (as the first few people would) they can’t post.

  12. Well it could be said that anybody able to throw money at the App store isn’t in dire need of cash, no matter the age. Regardless, this was a contest, not a charity.

    Or maybe the first part of the article was a joke that didn’t go over too well? :)

  13. People lighten up. Geeez. As DTNick (#5) said….tongue was placed firmly in cheek. Granted, if you only read the first paragraph you shouldn’t be commenting anyways as you’re clearly incredibly lazy.

  14. When I read the first paragraph I almost wanted to stop. So much envy and jealousy. I didn’t expect to read that here.
    But you got your act together and made it into a decent article…
    You almost lost a reader, and I hope others who might think the same, continue to read after the first paragraph as well.
    Have a nice weekend.