LG Staffer Says Apple OLED Notebooks Forthcoming

lg_logoIf this is true, then LG (s lg) takes the cake when it comes to leaking. No subtle hints, vague rumors, or supply chain speculation here. Instead, an actual LG employee has come out and baldly stated that the South Korea-based company will be responsible for producing a brand new upcoming notebook from Apple (s aapl). And no, this isn’t yet another installment of “Apple Netbook Whisperings,” in case you were wondering.

Far from being a netbook, the rumored device will sport a 15-inch screen, and will appear within months, if the source is to be believed. A 15-inch OLED screen is an expensive piece of equipment, as you know if you’ve been following the emerging tech’s development. For reference, consider that Sony’s 11-inch XEL-1 OLED TV is a staggering $2,499, and it doesn’t have a computer built-in to it. No doubt manufacturing costs have come down since the XEL-1 was created in 2007, but prices still haven’t come down to the point where Apple would be able to offer a 15-inch OLED notebook for anything less than $2,000.

I understand not compromising your high standards of quality just because the economy’s not doing so hot, but introducing a premium notebook amid financial uncertainty? Probably not the best move, unless you’re counting on the few remaining wealthy souls wanting to show off even more now that their prosperity is so very conspicuous.

No other details about the notebook were forthcoming from the source, which actually makes sense if he’s just seen what’s being made on LG’s side of things and for who. Who knows, maybe it has the sort of specs a Macbook Air Pro would have. For now though, file this as either unlikely or a misunderstanding of the ultimate destination of LG’s screens. Considering Apple’s current lineup and cost structure, I just don’t see a device like this attracting that many additional consumers without stealing from the crowd of potential Macbook Pro or Air buyers.