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Want An App Store Without All The Fuss? There’s Plenty Of Options

imageApple’s App Store hit 1 billion application downloads today, which is quite the accomplishment given that the mobile-phone store has only been in existence for nine months. Given the iPhone’s early successes, it’s no wonder that there’s plenty of companies — from carriers to retailers — that are eager to follow their lead.

However, they are finding that it is a ton of work — everything from aggregating the content to figuring out how to charge for the applications can be a potential roadblock. That’s where a number of companies have carved out a niche for themselves. Today, Kansas City, Mo.-based Handmark unveiled its Mobile Store Platform, which helps others launch an app store using Handmark’s library of content and customizable user interface (Release.). Also offering similar services are Handango and GetJar.

Handmark said that the platform is ready to launch on some Windows Mobile devices and will soon announce its first customer. It will also be available for other smartphone platforms soon. In March, Handango announced its “App Store Accelerator” and says it is currently being used by BestBuy and Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) (Release.). And, GetJar told us last year that at the time it is working with more than 10 carriers worldwide. The move to outsource at least some or all of the functions within an app store is smart. For many of these companies it’s not their core business, and developers will have to pick which application stores they can afford to support. A wholesale model will streamline the business for both app-sellers and app stores.

4 Responses to “Want An App Store Without All The Fuss? There’s Plenty Of Options”

  1. without a doubt reaching 1 billion downloads is super news not only for Apple but for developers, content owners and other app stores globally. Including us!

    However, despite all the hype, there's a number of questions that really beg to be asked here for example:

    – of these billion downloads, what % are actual downloads vs. updates? updates on Apple are automatic but its questionable they should be counted as downloads seeing as they really aren't "new"
    – a similar question can be asked about the total size of the catalogue on the app store. are these unique apps or does this number include new versions / updates of existing apps? again this is misleading

    Apple has always prided itself on positioning itself as the underdog in the OS wars. A little more information would go a long way here or does it intend to become the Microsoft of the App World?


  2. Of course carriers have always sold games and apps, and there have been many companies over the years running stores for carriers as managed services e.g. End2End etc. They did not usually offer free apps though, so those app stores such as getjar (and I would add Phoload too) with good portfolios of free apps do have something extra to offer here.

  3. This business is going the same way as ring tones – me too stores going up with the hope of a quick buck. This is a winner take all business with the losers fighting for scraps.

  4. To add to the list: SlideME is offering both a web store and on-device store for Android so marketplaces can be created with social features. As far as anyone can see from, they offer a vast list of payment options with payouts as high as 98% to content providers.