Apple Finally Making the iPhone a Good Listener


iphonetalkSome might see it as allowing room for third-party developers to take over and implement some clever solutions of their own, but I think Apple (s aapl) left some features off of the iPhone either out of laziness, time constraints, or because they were saving punches for later rounds (i.e. iPhone 3.0). One of those features, which almost every other phone has, dumb and smart alike, is voice recognition and control. Without a third-party solution like Say Who? installed, my iPhone is deaf to my pleas to “Call Parents,” for instance.

According to recent findings reported by Ars Technica, upcoming iPhone software will likely support voice recognition and feedback. So not only will you be able to talk to your phone, but it will talk back to you, probably via something along the same lines as the new iPod Shuffle’s VoiceOver features. The new voice software goes by the codename “Jibbler.”

What is clear is that the Jibbler tech is tied to the springboard, and appears to involve a call-and-response set of functions that will let you issue short commands to the iPhone that produce feedback in return. I can’t imagine doing so in anything other than my terrific Patrick Stewart impression voice.

Expect voice features with the iPhone to go above and beyond the function we’ve seen from other phones, or from third-party apps so far. Hopefully we’ll at least see Maps and Address Book integration, though with the introduction of Spotlight in iPhone OS 3.0, we might also see the entire phone become voice-searchable.

I’m just hoping these features aren’t limited to the new version of the iPhone coming in June, even though I’ll probably cave and upgrade the week after its release anyway.



I was commenting on the typos… looks like they’ve been corrected.


@ Josh:

I thought it *was* “Jibbler” ? Like the cute little black creature in Futurama, no?


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