AP And NFL Kick Off Photo Licensing Deal

imageWith newspapers’ ad revenue continuing to plunge, the Associated Press hope to make revenue-sharing deals based on e-commerce a more significant part of its relationship to its struggling members. One key strength of local newspapers is sports and the AP is offering some more details over its exclusive licensing deal with the National Football League. During his address at the AP’s annual meeting earlier this month, Tom Curley, the wire service’s president and CEO, touched on the arrangement as part of the AP’s Digital Cooperative, searchable content warehouse that allows for a broad range of digital revenue models, including paid content.

Under the terms of the agreement, the AP will be able to sell its own NFL images, which have only been allowed for editorial purposes up to this point, for commercial use. The deal also lets AP the rights to NFL-owned event photos — including the league’s archival images — for commercial use and sell them for editorial purposes. The AP already has commercial arrangements with Ebony and Jet magazines as well as NBC Universal (NYSE: GE). Release

Photo credit: NFL