Nokia Counts 23,000 “Comes With Music” Users In UK?


image Music Ally claimed yesterday that Nokia’s ambitious all-you-can-eat Comes With Music service has won 23,000 British subscribers since launching last year, reports the BBC–a fairly disappointing number. Paul Brindley from Music Ally commented: “If anything I was rather kind in not saying it was a complete catastrophe. It’s a big disappointment because very rarely, if ever, have we seen a digital music service that’s been so widely promoted in the mainstream media”.

Tim Grimsditch, head of product marketing for Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Music, was at the event where the numbers were revealed and said he couldn’t confirm them, and that “it’s a very new business model, we’re live in five markets and the numbers only mention one.” He added that Nokia would report significant successes in about six months.

Nokia later revealed some figures to Music Ally which suggest that those who do use Comes With Music use it a lot. They download between 200 and 300 tracks on average in the first few weeks, regularly check for new music and explore the catalog and recommendations, and typically download from seven genres compared to the typical customer of the Nokia Music Store, who download from three genres. Most of the downloading happens on the PC but about 20 percent are convenience downloads over the air, and 35 percent of downloads are local content. Comes With Music customers are downloading 20 times more back catalog than Nokia Music Store customers.

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