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Workout Recession Tactics

My friends over at Crossfit Virtuosity recently posted a 100-day six-pack challenge. After I committed to the program, it only took me a few minutes to set up a way to track my progress and have a new workout sent to me everyday. Oh, and it only cost me 99 cents and can all be managed from my iPhone…awesome.


First, as suggested, I went over to Tumblr and set up a blog to monitor my progress. After I had my Tumblr rocking a theme I liked, I clicked on the “Goodies” tab to retrieve my Tumblr blog’s email address (you can email posts directly onto the blog). I took this email address and entered it into a new contact on my iPhone (s aapl) called “Tumblr.”



I’m using three iPhone apps to help me make/track progress:

  1. The Tumblr Application — Cost: Free. Used to post pictures of the foods I eat and make general comments.
  2. Workout of the Day application — Cost: 99 Cents. Sends a new workout to my phone everyday and no equipment is needed for any of the workouts, so they can be done literally anywhere…again, awesome. Also, when you’re done with the workout, click the “Send to a Friend” button, and send it the Tumblr contact we created earlier. This will post the workout to your log. I change the subject of the email to “Workout (Date).”
  3. Lose it — Cost: Free. Used to track weight loss and look up foods.

I know that there are tons of fitness iPhone apps out there, but I like the simplicity of my setup. If you’re joining the challenge, post your setup in the comments!

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