Omniture Launches Viral Video Measurement

Analytics giant Omniture (s OMTR) is adding a video measurement dashboard to its SiteCatalyst analytics service. The move brings Omniture into competition with homegrown video measurement companies like TubeMogul, Visible Measures and GlanceGuide. Omniture’s new video feature will aggregate data from views, ratings, and number and sentiment of comments for videos that have been syndicated across multiple sites.

Omniture has a few big advantages in the viral video measurement space, though it suffers on a feature-by-feature comparison to those who focus on video.

  • Its video product is a free add-on to a product that a lot of people already pay for.
  • Its massive and significant existing customer base. For instance, its named trial customer is Warner Bros.
  • Perhaps most importantly, integration with measurement of things like site activity and customer conversion — the kind of soft impacts that viral video can have.

Omniture gets data through APIs and spiders, but it doesn’t do the kind of hands-on data gathering Visible Measures does to monitor videos as they spread. Unofficial uploads are a fairly important aspect of viral distribution, so that could be a significant limitation. Omniture also doesn’t get involved in syndication, which leaves that part of the lifecycle open to providers like TubeMogul.

The company is targeting both publishers and advertisers. Customers can create watchlists and alerts to monitor keywords they are interested in.