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Oh Canada! Canucks Watch a Ton of Online Video

Americans tend to glom onto certain Canadian stereotypes (Aboot! Free health care! Geddy Lee!) and beat them into the ground. Well now you can add “global leader in online video viewing” to that list of Canadian quirks. ComScore released new numbers today that showed 21 million Canadians watched 3.1 billion online videos in February, for an average of 10 hours each.

Here’s how the Great White North compared with the U.S. in February.

Stat Canada United States
Percent of Web Audience
Watching Online Video
88 75.5
Minutes of Online Video
Watched by Avg. Viewer
605 312
Videos per Viewer 147 90
Average Video Length (mins) 4.1 3.5

Of course, in terms of sheer size, the U.S. dominates, with 145 million unique viewers watching 13.1 billion videos in February. But pound for pound, that 88 percent figure represents the highest penetration among the five countries (Canada, U.S., UK, Germany, France) on which comScore Video Metrix reports. Take off, hoser! Online video in Canada is a beauty way to go! (OK, that was the last one.)

9 Responses to “Oh Canada! Canucks Watch a Ton of Online Video”

  1. John Hernik

    CTV’s sit totally sucks ass…. here it is Tuesday at 12 noon and yesterdays episode of the Daily Show isn’t online yet. Funny its already online in the U.S. but I can’t access this site… ANYONE have any idea how I can get around this ??? sure there must be some type of software or site I can access to watch the blocked web sites from Canada ( and even the UK )

    Let me know…. Id really appreciate it



  2. Let’s not forget that although Canada’s population is far less than the United States, they are home to the 2nd largest porn capitol in the world – Montreal.

    BTW – How much of this online video is porn anyway?

  3. Early adopters in Canada and the rest of the world are pretty much forced to internet viewing by the time delay between US release and local market release and once a critical mass of people have learned to go to the internet for their favorite shows they’ll never go back. Another business model bites the dust.

  4. Demodadesign

    I think this is because alot of shows aired on US networks are available to US users for later viewing on sites like Canadians don’t have access to those sites, and so they are left to scour the net in different locations (youtube, ect) to catch up with thier fav shows. It ads up over time!

  5. Timekeeper

    Ah, the mighty proxy server gets around all that.

    You would be surprised how many Canadians regularly watch the forbidden Hulu and geo-blocked YouTube.

    You can’t keep a good Canadian away from free content.

  6. Thee Stranger

    That’s quite an achievement considering Canadians are cut off from a large amount of region-locked content on sites like Hulu and chunks of YouTube.