Microsoft Donates $4.5 Million to Houston Public Library

ms-logoI’m accused of Microsoft-bashing (s msft) at times, although I maintain I only do that when I feel they deserve it. I also dish out praises when appropriate and their award of a $4.5 million grant to my local Houston Public Library is outstanding, so kudos go out to them.

The grant is designed to fund a project to bring computer literacy to communities that are lacking. The  Wireless Empowered Community Access Network (WeCan Works) project will provide computer instruction using 5,500 computers to train those in need of such help. It is particularly aimed at at-risk students and drop-outs to give training and job counseling in order to get them productive. The program is expected to affect over 155,000 people in its two-year pilot phase.

This is great to see and I thank Microsoft for giving back to my community. I should point out that Microsoft has awarded nearly $85 million in grants in Texas.

(via Houston Chronicle)