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Wenda Harris Millard Steps Down as MSLO’s Media Head and Co-CEO; Heading To MediaLink As President

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imageWenda Harris Millard is stepping down from her post as president of Media and Co-CEO at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (NYSE: MSO), in what the company is calling an “executive reorg” of its media division. There are no plans to replace Millard or name a new co-CEO. Martha Stewart, MSLO

6 Responses to “Wenda Harris Millard Steps Down as MSLO’s Media Head and Co-CEO; Heading To MediaLink As President”

  1. Anonymous posters who take personal pot shots are a joke. The bottom line is few media execs who aren't owners get to stay in the top job for extended periods. I don't know much about MSLO but I do know a bit about DCLK & YHOO and those were a dream to work at with terrific leadership, talented teams and great rewards for employees – led by Wenda. After Wenda departed so did the great teams and performance fell off a cliff.

    So tough guy Johnny Q, lets see a real name from you.

  2. nathanr

    jenkins & johnny q — how about identifying yourself or sources because if you were at yahoo when she turned the display business around, you would have seen the yhoo stock go from $4 to $44 off of the wenda advertising turn around. she built a team, improved the businesses reputation and instilled discipline when yahoo needed it. or how about talking about what it must be like to work for a one woman show at martha– an aging brand risk, not sure anyone can reverse that shareholder risk but it is nice of you to pig-pile on anonymously. you ought to do the same with some of the old boys network who have missed your scrutiny.

  3. jenkins

    Ziff Davis – Bankrupt, sold off in pieces since she left. Does she get any blame?
    Yahoo — complete failure in search and online advertising. Does she get any blame?
    Martha Stewart: She was co-CEO as the stock went from $10/share to $2/share. Does she get any blame?

  4. yankeeman

    Really? Have either of you worked with or for her? She is incredibly focused, smart and tough. These jobs are like managers or coaches – you are hired to eventually be fired, particularly at places with CEOs like Martha Stewart and Jerry Yang. Not saying that I'd go work for her again, but to say she is overrated and doesn't get the Internet is patently untrue.

  5. Johnny Q

    Wenda – fired again. Don't understand why she has such a following. She's been ousted from every job – DCLK, YHOO, now MSLO. Talks a big brand game and well connected, but doesnt get the Internet. Never did.